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About Us

We are Natasha and Karishma – two sisters who co-founded Pistashio Homes with a focus on creating inviting spaces that reflect the design aesthetic and needs of each individual client.


Our passion and expertise in design were cultivated from a young age. Inspired by the renovation of our family home and witnessing the transformative power of mixing old and new elements with bespoke designs by our parents, we recognised the potential to convert neglected spaces into both visually appealing and functional living areas through thoughtful design choices. Our ability to deeply connect with clients' visions has led to a diverse portfolio of successful projects.

I have a keen eye for precision and a creative flair, I excel in technical skills such as model-making and perspective drawing, which enables me to bring imaginative concepts to life with spatial awareness and analytical rigor.

- Karishma

I draw inspiration from my well-travelled experiences and upbringing surrounded by vibrant colours, natural textures, and organic materials. I aim to bring a few bespoke elements to my design whilst combining that with high street designs to cater to varying budget preferences.

- Natasha

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