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Design Journey

Professional help in designing your home can actually save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring your home reaches its ultimate potential. Additionally, we have trade accounts with several suppliers and pass on the discounts to our clients. The fee for using our interior design service can be repaid many times with savings made on a project. 


We start each project with a free online consultation to get an understanding of the scope of work and the client's brief.  You can choose design only or design and project management options. We charge a flat design fee, a percentage of the overall budget or an hourly rate depending on the complexity and time frame of the project. Based on the online consultation, we then provide a design package and quote. 

If we agree to take on the project, we start the design journey with a site visit and measurements to produce detailed drawings of all the interior elements. We will go through all your practical needs for each room and the desired look. 


Using these plans we produce layouts for furniture, lighting, flooring and decorating schedule within the property.

Furniture Layouts And Room Designs

Creating Moodboards And Sample Boards

The next step is to create mood boards for furniture, colour schemes, accessories, and art reflecting your personal style. We can order free samples of flooring, tiles and fabric for soft furnishings and advise you on colour choices for each room based on light and  the needs for your space.


Once you are happy with our concepts, we will work on the schemes for you to review and a budget for you to agree before work commences.

Project Management

Managing a project on your own can be daunting and home owners can face a number of scheduling, cost and design decisions as well as significant amount of paperwork and administration.

We produce a detail schedule of works and at this stage the project goes out to tender to various contractors we have worked with to get you the best price and a high standard of work. We attend regular site meetings as necessary and liase with the client, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure smooth communication between all parties involved from the start to end of the process.

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